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Spring/Summer Softball Teams

Bases Academy 2024 Teams
10u Hudson/Bronson
12u Arista/Meza
14u Cooper
16/18u Arista/Meza

Why you should make Bases Academy your home as a player, team or coach?

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Bases Academy is owned by an active college coach and former All American fastpitch softball player. Coach Monroe works with each coach within the organization on practice plan development for both the individual player and team success.

Our focus is on player development both mentally and physically. We know that by creating a competitive mindset that will allow them to maximize their physical playing skills, we'll be preparing them for their future success at the High School & College level.

We offer an Indoor Facility, along with a weekly professional Conditioning and Strength training program headed up by Cadre Fitness in addition to lighted outdoor practice and game fields.

We play in all Associations from NSA to PGF. One of the many differences in Bases Academy and other organizations is that our owner actually has recruited players to play at the college level and understands the process and what coaches are looking for, both in ability and presentation.

If this looks like a program you'd like to be part of or learn more about please fill out the Tryout Form and return to 


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Professional Conditioning


Family Environment


College Coach Instruction

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Measurable Development

The Bases Academy team focus is on teaching and building the necessary foundational skills to become a better player. A Bases Academy team doesn't have to hope that they'll be seen by college coaches, they're guaranteed!

​Bases Academy is a full service year around Baseball and Softball training facility owned and operated by active college coaches. Come on in and improve your skills with private lessons or team reservations today!

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