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Stretching a Double into a Single

Social media is a buzz with young athletes posting videos of their workouts and calling it grinding. Each post has an @ to every college coach they're hoping to grab the attention of.

I get it and do encourage you to keep working at your game, but make it your whole game.

Just grinding off of a tee, or 20mph front toss isn't your full game.

I recently watched one of these athletes participate in a tourney via AGL. Sitting with my trusty stopwatch, off of contact she was +3.8 before touching the bag and being called out. If she hadn't been thrown out by 4 steps and slowing down as she crossed the bag, her actual time may have been +4.0

There's not a coach on the planet thats looking for a player who can stretch a double into a single. So when you're grinding find the time to grind on your foot speed and running mechanics. It does matter. @allhopefullcollegeprospects.


Coach Monroe is owner of Bases Academy and an active D1 college coach



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