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Bases Academy, where your game grows

Many programs out there are talking about player development. Player development, has a nice ring to it, sounds impressive, but what does it mean and more importantly, where are these organizations gaining their development information?

Is it from experience? Or maybe coaches clinics? In todays digital world sites like YouTube, or Twitter are full of information, some very good and some not so much. One has to be careful and know what they're looking for. It's all very well intended, but good intensions don't always lead to in depth player development. Do the coaches really understand the information they're teaching? Have they had personal experience using this information in their own game, or is it just theory? Have they put this information to successful use and if not why? These are questions that should be asked when you're moving from travel team to travel team. Keep in mind, while your daughter is trying out for an organization, that organization is trying out for you!

A couple classic examples of well intended coaching advice, that's just misunderstood, are two you may have heard. "Squish the bug" for hitters, and "turn the doorknob" for pitchers. Both of these coaching phrases are conceptually valid, the sad part is that they're both taught or explained completely wrong, therefore creating bad habits, which under develop the player. Now, this doesn't make the coach a bad person, but it does expose that they're teaching, what they don't know. And it's this instruction that drastically limits their ability to "develop" players. When you're looking for player development, you're looking for the coaches depth of knowledge/experience and someone who can simplify the explanation. This will allow players, of all abilities to grow.

At Bases Academy we pride ourself's in understanding the "why" to incorporate the "how." We understand that every player develops at a different pace, and that trying to make a one size fits all robotic approach does more to stunt development, than it does to insure it.

At Bases Academy we're led by an active D1 college coach who has all of the latest resources on player development, in both the physical and mental aspects of the game. This information is shared with each coach within the organization. Making sure our coaches understand the whys and hows of this information, before sharing and instructing with their respective teams and individual athletes. We feel that this is a large separator for our program.

Additionally we bring in some of today's best college instructors to share their knowledge of the game. In the photo above is Coach Cox of "Dominate the Dish" out of Florida. Coach Cox serves as a catching consultant with Duke University as well as Georgia Tech, among others. One of today's most sought after catching instructors, Coach Cox made a visit to Bases Academy this past summer. This is just one small example of the investment in "true" player development opportunities Bases Academy provides.

Another example of Bases Academy focus on development is our spotlighting of former and active college players participation with our athletes. Each summer these experienced college players come to Bases Academy and share their knowledge of the game. They share their in game challenges, how they view practice as it relates to their development as a player, as well as their insights on the recruiting process. All very valuable information for a developing young athlete.

Lastly, our relationships with some of the best college coaches around the country, provides our athletes with high level information and a true opportunity to really grow, and understand what it takes to play the game of softball at a high level.

If you're looking for a true player development program, we're looking for you. Each level of play at Bases Academy are taught the same essential fundamental skills of the game. We feel that by establishing this philosophy early and maintaining it throughout our system, we are truly preparing our players to play at the High School and College level.

This summer will be our first summer, in our young programs history of competing in what many deem the "high level" tournaments. Our 16u and 18u programs will be playing in college bound and showcase tournaments.

Our younger teams (10u-14u) will be playing in a full schedule of regional events, designed for their personal growth and enjoyment of the game.

We will be holding tryouts Dec. 5th and 6th 2020 for our summer teams. We offer an indoor training facility as well as a complete softball focused conditioning course, taught by certified athletic trainers. For more information please send us an email at

We look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy the game!


Coach Monroe is owner of Bases Academy and an active D1 college coach. Coach Monroe is asked to work numerous camps each summer as an instructor and speaker.



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