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 Zoom Lessons 

Tues. thru Thursdays

Feb21 to May 21

Zoom Online Lessons

Here's how it works:

  • Schedule your Zoom lesson online just like you were scheduling a normal lesson, Coach Monroe will provide you with login information after he sees that you're scheduled.

  • Be warmed up and ready for your Zoom and login


What will I need for my lesson?

  • Balls and a net to pitch into or a catcher. If using a net have it set approximately 15ft in front of where you'll be pitching. 

  • Phone or Tablet that will allow you to login to Zoom

How long are the lessons?

  • All online lessons are 25min to half hour in length

  • All lessons are scheduled Pacific Standard Time

  • Schedule your lesson online as normal 

  • This set of online lessons will run Tuesday thru Thursday.  If schedule changes due to games for coach Monroe, you will be informed.

  • Regular in person schedule will resume after the 21 college season in mid to late May 21

How do I pay and what is the cost?

  • You can pay via Venmo @BasesAcademy 

  • Cost for the online lesson is $20 for the half hour

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