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Our facility offers many features and amenities perfect for players of all ages and skill levels! Get out of the tiring sun and practice indoors. Forget about the "off season" and practice year round. Let off some steam and take a swing at the pitching machines. All of that and more is now a possibility at Bases Academy! Take a closer look at what we offer below!


  • 2100 square feet

  • Listen while you play

  • Request songs you want to hear

  • Unisex restroom

  • Handicap accessible


  • 2100 square feet of realistic turf

Junior Hack Attack™ Pitching Machine for Baseball

  • Designed for all levels of play

  • Pitches fastballs, risers, drops, right- and left- handed screwballs, and more!

  • 60+ MPH

JUGS® Pitching Machine for Softball

  • Perfect for all levels of play

  • Realistic underhand delivery

  • 20-70 MPH

  • 2 net tunnels

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  • Sitting area

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