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Aren't you glad you're spending so much money to be on that Showcase Team?


I receive numerous emails each day from hopeful softball players looking to get the attention of a college coach. These emails usually start with their desire to play at our school, followed by their academic goals, and then (in the 2020 Covid world) their AGL, or Facebook live feed login information and game times. Of course I'm generalizing these emails at the moment to make a point.

The sincerity of these athletes is real, the direction these athletes are receiving from the coaches/organizations needs to improve,"after all, isn't this information, arguably the most important information, outside of player development that you're supposedly paying for?"

In a recent phone conversation with the parents of an age eligible recruit they conveyed; "if we had to start over again with travelball, we would do things so much differently!" Their point was that they had spent thousands of dollars, with multiple organizations, that promised exposure by traveling all over the country, which additionally cost thousands of more dollars, but ultimately left them grappling with a bunch of "why" questions that none could give a definitive answer to. In a matter of minutes their questions were answered, and they're appreciation was easily recognized in the tone of their voices. Sadly, this is the norm and not the exception. While there are many ingredients to the recruiting soup, (and the recipe changes often) continuing to repeat the same tired directions, that many organizations do, won't allow your athletes communication to stand out. Below are just two examples from this past week.

Here's an sample of a well intended email, that is clearly a copy and paste. At the current Division that I work, we can't be on any field in person until next year. One would think their travelball coach or organization would know this and help direct this young athlete prior to pushing the send button?

Another example of what appears to be a copy and paste. This player is interested in attending a "great University." Makes a coach wonder how many other "great Universities" received the same email with the only change being the coaches name?

Travelball coaches, you can do better than this!

At Bases Academy we work closely with each coach within the organization to provide them with the most current tools to develop and prepare their teams for all things related to softball and recruiting. There's no guessing. Our coaches are prepared to provide their players and parents with up to date information, eliminating the frustrations that were identified earlier within this post. If you're looking for an organization that develops players and people from 10u through 18u, our coaches are looking for you and can be reached at to answer any of your travelball questions. Tryout dates and locations will be posted soon.


Coach Monroe is an active D1 college coach and Owner of Bases Academy in Los Banos, California.



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