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Why Should You Join a Bases Academy Team?

Bases Academy is led by active College Coaches who work closely with every coach in the organization. Our connection to other college coaches and our resources are among the very best in the region! This insures that your athlete will be getting the most up to date and the very best instruction available.

Why schedule your practices around unpredictable weather? Bases Academy indoor training facility is available to teams throughout the year!

Bases Academy team goals are to keep the game fun, build confidence in every player and grow the game in a positive way. We’re looking for players, parents and coaches who are committed to this process. Bases Academy has the special opportunity to positively impact our youth in ways that go beyond the softball field. The training at Bases Academy will play a powerful role in forging how your daughter competes. We feel there is no better measure than putting your all into practice and training so you can then put what you've learned into action on game day.

Bases Academy is looking for teams, individual players and coaches to join our organization if this is you please email us today at



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