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More then Softball - Isn't that what you want from your organization?

Today you can look on any social media page and see posts from numerous organizations, maybe too many organizations, (but that's a story for another day) posting about softball tryouts.

Most of these posts read something like this; "looking for dedicated athletes, all positions open, competitive program with competitive schedule etc..."

In the pictures on this page you're looking at what developing, a dedicated athlete looks like. You're seeing what a competitive program looks like and most importantly you're looking at what a teaching program looks like.

At Bases Academy we're proud to team up with Cadre Conditioning. Cadre owner Raul Orozco and his certified trainers are among the best in the business at developing sports related conditioning programs. Coach Orozco has specifically designed softball & baseball workout regiments for each age group within the Bases Academy organization.

Bases Academy conditioning programs are scheduled as a weekly practice for each team, in addition to the on field and facility workouts!

While many teams will post about their competitive schedules, a competitive schedule without a physically and mentally developed competitive team is just an exercise in playing.

If that's what you're looking for, then by all means tryout for those teams.

If you're looking for a program that not only develops the player, but also the the person, and raises their Softball IQ than you'll want to give Bases Academy a look.

Our on field coaches are among the best on any field. They are true students of the game and dedicated to all aspects of player/person development, from the field to the classroom.

We hope when you're looking for a program, Bases Academy is on your list. Our Spring/Summer 21 tryouts will be listed soon. Enjoy the Game!


Ed Monroe is owner of Bases Academy and an active D1 college coach.



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